B-Yoga Studio Rhyl provides a range of yoga classes to suit all needs, from complete beginners or people with injuries to more experienced practitioners. If you are looking for a class to help develop strength, flexibility and increase fitness or are looking for a more relaxed style of yoga to reduce stress in your life, there will be a class to suit your needs!
Main Benefits of Yoga:
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Releases physical tension in the body
• Calms down racing thoughts
• Increases flexibility and mobility
• Improves strength
• Improves posture
• Improves lung function and capacity
• Increases performance in other fitness activities

Misconception in Yoga:
There are many misconceptions when it comes to yoga. The three most common are
1) ‘I’m not flexible enough to come to yoga’ this is like saying ‘I am too dirty to take a bath’. If you are not flexible this is exactly why you should be doing it!
2) Yoga is religious, yoga is not religious, it is accessible to everyone!
3) The results take too long, you will see results the minute you start practising any type of yoga, whether it be physical or mental improvements!


Meet your teacher: Helen

My professional teaching began in 2015 after I completed a 200 hour Hatha Yoga teacher training in Bali with Zuna Yoga. I then went on to complete an advanced 300 hour teacher training course with Sampoorna Yoga in India specialising in Vinyasa Yoga in 2017 along with 50 hours Yin Yoga teacher training with Angela Jervis-Read in 2018.
My inspiration to become a teacher came from the physical practice itself. The benefits of a yoga practice became evident very quickly when I began to gain strength and flexibility but I also noticed on a mental level how much it calmed down my mind, significantly reducing the stress and anxiety I was feeling at the time.
Yoga has enabled me to cope in an ever-busy world, giving me the tools to be able to tackle anything head on while remaining calm and balanced.
I currently teach yoga classes in my studio in Rhyl and for other studios in the North Wales and Chester area.